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Sunday, July 29, 2012

clendon award 2012

I got very exciting news this weekend. I have finalled in the RWNZ 2012 Clendon Award for a completed romance manuscript.
This is really big here in NZ and I still can't quite believe it's true.
The manuscript was for A Heart Divided, one of my NZ historical romances, set in the time of the gold rush. The theme statement is:
Newly arrived on the Otago goldfields of 1862, Nessa Ward is caught between two men: the younger brother who needs her and the man who loves her.
It's about the adventures of a young Englishwoman who comes to the goldfields with her younger brother, hoping like all miners to make his fortune. They need money to pay for her brother to return to England to gain the qualifications he needs to become a scholar of antiquities like their recently deceased father. But the goldfields hold many surprises for both of them. Including the entry into their lives of  Mr John Reid, a local runholder who comes to their aid.

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